How to Frontside Flip

To Frontside Flip, you need lots of speed and elevation. Approach the ramp at high speed while crouching down low. Pop up quickly and lift your front foot off the board as you reach the ramp. At the same time, use your back foot to kick the board’s tail up into the air. While flipping, keep your arms close to your body for stability. Land on your front foot and ride away smoothly. This article will discuss how to frontside flip. It will also detail the steps involved in performing this difficult trick.

How to Frontside Flip

A Stepwise Guide on How to Frontside Flip

Step 1: Hold the Board

To perform a frontside flip, you must first correctly hold and control your board. How you grip and position your hands will determine how far and fast your board will go when flipped. The proper way to grasp the board is with both hands spaced apart directly over the bolts of the truck, with fingers pointed inwards towards each other and thumbs pointing upwards.

This allows you better handling of the nose for tricks such as flips or shuvits – one off-axis force acting on this board can cause it to roll out from under you while doing any flip trick. Also, keep in mind that if you wish to land switch, i.e., do the trick going forward but landing backward (and vice versa), you will have to adjust your positioning to perform the trick going either forward or backward as appropriate.

Step 2: Pick a Spot and Kick

For this step, it is beneficial if you have a rail or ledge to build up speed on – this helps because you need momentum going into your flip for extra height and distance. After finding a good spot with good speed, find a safe place to stand where the board won’t hit anything when it lands. Next, practice kicking your board around to feel its natural rebound off the flat ground.

Although doing tricks off the flat ground might seem easier at first, it’s harder! This is because the board naturally wants to bounce back from the flat ground instead of jumping forward – so you will need to get used to kicking the board forwards on your own.

Step 3: Do the Flip

Now that you’re set-up, and you’ve kicked the board around a bit, it’s time to start flipping! The essential element of performing any flip trick is getting your body into position over the board before doing anything else. Unfortunately, this means that even if you know what tricks you want to do, if you don’t have enough speed (or aren’t close enough), there is no point in trying them because they will not come outright. So make sure that both trucks are skimming along at least waist high off of the flat ground, and make sure that your body weight is over the board as well.

Time to Start Flipping

Most people make a mistake at this point because they think that if their weight is on the back of the board, it will flip faster – actually, what you’re doing is causing your board to tilt backward and come out of whatever trick you’re trying to do. So yes, staying on top of the board helps it flip faster, but not if most of your bodyweight isn’t on top!

Step 4: Land on the Board

Although this sounds simple in theory, the reality is that most people don’t land on their board when practicing for the first time; how most people try to get onto their board results in them either landing on top of it or putting their feet out too far away from the trucks which also results in them not being able to control the board quickly.

The proper way to approach your landing is to have your weight centered over both sets of wheels so that they are equally weighted but put more weight into your back foot because once you are upside down, you will have to rely mainly on that leg since it’s closest to the ground. The last thing you want is all of your body weight to be on one side of your body with no way to balance yourself out. This is a crucial step in how to frontside flip.

Step 5: How to Ride Out

The trip from the frontside 180 is one of the essential parts of learning how to do a frontside flip since if you don’t learn this, then you will not be able to quickly recover from any trick that sends your board away from you, such as backside 180s or pop shove its. If you find that your weight isn’t centered over both wheels, here are some tips on how to straighten yourself up without jumping off of your board (which would mean restarting all over again):

  • Keep both trucks even with each other – This doesn’t help much with trying to stop the board from tilting, but it does make balancing easier; eventually, though, it will stop working so you need to do something else.
  • Lean back more – How far you lean will depend on what type of trick it is, the steeper the ramp/rail, etc., but it can’t be stressed enough that this doesn’t work for very long!
  • How far away your front foot is from the trucks – The more weight you put onto your back foot, the more it will be able to pull your board flat again; this works but only up until a certain point.
Proper Frontside Flip

Once you can do these three tricks (the front side 180, its trip, and the pop shove its), then it’s time to learn how to do a proper frontside flip! It might seem like there are too many things to remember at once, but after practicing every day for only one month, you’ll find yourself doing flips with no problem whatsoever. Keep consistent with your practice, and before you know it, you’ll not only be flipping like a pro but also landing pretty much everything as well.

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Step 6: Frontside Flips Help

if you are still having trouble learning how to do a frontside flip, it might be helpful for you to try doing the opposite direction of what you’re trying. This means if you have trouble with left frontside flips, start practicing right front sides and vice versa. This helps because most people will land flights easier when they are focussing on another trick that isn’t as hard or scary as the one they’re working on. Don’t think that just because every good skater can do lots of tricks, you’re not allowed to use any little “tricks” for yourself! These steps will help in how to frontside flip.

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Tips and Warnings


  • Frontside Flip can be done in halfpipe at any height.
  • Frontside Flip is an easy trick you should learn first if you start snowboarding.
  • Frontside Flip does not require much speed. However, if your board feels too light, it might be difficult for you, so try borrowing one from a friend or visit the rental shop.
  • Sometimes, it is easier to grab mute (between your bindings and the board).
  • It is usually easier to ollie in powder snow, but you might want to use a little speed when doing this trick. Of course, how much speed depends on how good you are.
  • If you’re not falling every time your front foot comes off the board, then try ollying higher or try placing weight on your back foot. How high you ollie should depend on what type of board you have, what kind of riding style you have, and where/how big the jump is.
Flip Can Be Done in Halfpipe


  • If you do not own a full-face helmet and elbow, knee, and wrist pads, I advise you to avoid doing this trick.
  • Frontside flips are complex. How difficult depends on the rider’s ability, board, boots, etc.
  • Do not attempt this trick if you think your board is too light for this trick. 

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What Are the Benefits of Frontside Flipping?

A frontside flip is a great trick for any rider to master. This trick will give you an obstacle-conquering, ass-kicking advantage over your friends who are still struggling with the basics of ollies and 360 grabs.

Ollie off the flat ground is invaluable for maneuvering around obstacles on a skateboard. It can help you small apparent gaps, ride away from trouble at speed, or cruise faster. Learning how to jump higher with your board can open up worlds of possibilities for where and how you ride. The 360 backside grab is a great trick to throw down when cruising through your local skate park. It’s pretty badass because it looks super cool, but that won’t mean much if you can’t land it cleanly every time. Frontside flip will help you do just that.


We hope you have gone through the article on how to frontside flip. The front side flip is the highest skateboarding trick you can achieve. It’s not something that beginners should attempt, but if you’re up to the challenge, go for it! Get started with these tips and tricks on how to do a frontside kickflip like a pro.

You’ll find instructions on how to take off your board, stand in position, lean back, push down hard while popping out your tail (this will make sure you don’t land awkwardly), and finally tilt forward as much as possible before landing. Have fun mastering this advanced move!

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