How to Make Roller Skates Slower

Roller skating is becoming a popular summer pastime with the weather getting warmer. However, if you’re looking to slow things down, there are a few simple tricks you can use to make your roller skates go slower. In this article, we’ll discuss how to make roller skates slower. So whether you’re just starting or looking to improve your technique, read on for some helpful tips!

How to Make Roller Skates Slower

Roller skates are an excellent way to have fun, exercise, and get around quickly. When rolling at top speed, roller skates can reach impressive speeds. However, how fast a person can go on roller skates depends on many factors, such as weight, strength, and how much leg muscle they have. Most new people to roller skating cannot make it around the rink during organized races because of their speed.

A Stepwise Guide on How to Make Roller Skates Slower

Step 1: Decide How Much You Want to Slow Down Your Skates

Before you start, you must decide how much slower roller skates should become on an incline. There are many factors when slowing down roller skates; the most important is the steepness of the incline, which is often determined by the area in which you will be skating.

Decide How Much Slow Down Your Skates

An easy guideline is that every degree counts for approximately two percent. So a 30-degree incline would require your roller skate wheels to turn at 50% of their average speed. This means that if your wheels typically spin at 8 miles per hour (mph), they would move at four mph while going up a 30-degree incline.

Step 2: Remove the Wheels from Your Skates

It is essential to remove the wheels from your roller skates before making them slower, as it can be difficult and dangerous to modify a wheel that is still attached to the skate. It’s also a good idea to take a picture or have someone else watch you put your wheels back into place so that you don’t forget which side goes on first. This step should be easy since most roller skates remove with a simple pin system.

Make sure you’re holding the skate facing up (wheels down). Insert one of the pins all of the way through holes in both sides of each wheel, but do not push the pin through far enough that it becomes flush with the bottom of the shoe.

Step 3: Flip the Wheels Around

Now that your wheels are removed, it is time to flip them around. You can use a table or other flat surface, but make sure you protect the blades of your skates with a towel or some other soft surface. Place one wheel on the table in front of you upside down (notice two tabs inside the wheel on both sides).

Remove Your Wheels

Then place another tab on its side next to it so that you have all four tabs facing outwards. Line up the tabs one of two ways: either both tabs pointing to the left (this is what will happen if you do not line them up) or so that they are diagonally facing each other. Then push both wheels together so that they snap shut around the pins.

Step 4: Reattach Wheels to Skates

Your skates should now be ready to test out with your newly modified wheels. Make sure when putting on your skates that you place the blade in first, then attach your heel strap and tighten it enough so that it holds in place while you’re skating but not tight enough to feel uncomfortable. Now witness the tremendous difference where roller skates operate at a dramatically reduced speed on an incline! Finally, reattach the wheels to your skates.

Step 5: Use Smaller Skates or Shoes than You Normally Would

Try getting smaller wheels or shoes if you want to slow down your roller skates even further. These can be harder to find, so it may take some time and effort to get the right fit, but the effects will surely be well worth it! Alternatively, you could also buy skateboard/longboard wheels that are softer and deliver more friction on different surfaces. Other options include using the wet method of lubrication which is easily found on YouTube, or leaving your skates outdoors where they are exposed to more moisture.

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Use Smaller Skates

Step 6: Using Hybrid Wheel Systems

One of the best and most effective ways to slow your roller skates down is using a wheel system with double bearings. The idea behind this concept is simple: because there are two bearings instead of one, it can take twice as much effort for the wheel to move around its axle under load.

This makes for an unusual feeling that you may prefer after getting used to it! We recommend trying out both sliding and hybrid wheels if you’re unsure which you would like better; we think many people will find that they enjoy hybrid wheels more since the excellent acceleration generally associated with faster wheels is no longer present, creating a unique experience. As another benefit, these wheels (and other options listed above) will also last significantly longer than regular roller skate wheels. These steps will help in how to make roller skates slower.

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Tips and Warnings


  • Use a wet sponge against your skate’s axle. This will make your roller skates go slower because the water will weigh down the wheels more.
  • Cut small holes in between each of your rollerblade wheels. These holes can decrease how fast you roll by increasing friction against the ground when you are skating. This works exceptionally well if there is no rain or moisture on the ground.
  • Put small weights on the back of your roller skates. This will make your roller skates go slower and increase stability when standing still.
  • Roll around in a shopping cart with smooth wheels. This can be fun! Just watch out for those little kids with those sharp teeth that love to bite into things you never thought they could penetrate, such as metal food carts (trust me)!
  • When trying to make Roller Skates Slower, don’t hold your brake like an idiot because it won’t work, and you’ll look like a fool!


  • If you have a medical condition that may contribute to drowsiness, be careful, especially if you are roller skating slower.
  • Don’t try to go on the highway; I mean, come on, people, it’s just common sense!
  • Don’t try to make roller skates slower during the summer (unless you like getting heatstroke or dehydration).
  • Don’t try to make roller skates slower wearing the most minor, sparkliest pair of jeans you own, unless you like getting stared at or picked on by those who stand outside Abercrombie and Fitch.
  • Don’t skate all the time indoors; it is terrible for your legs and knees if you do.

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What’s the Best Way to Go About Doing This??

If you’ve got a pair of roller skates that are just a little too fast for your liking, then it’s time to think about making them a little more sluggish.

Roller skates generally have six wheels – three in front and three in back. The rider leans his weight onto one foot to make the skate turn right or left. The inside wheel begins to lift from contact with the ground as it is no longer pressed downward by your body weight. This causes the outside wheel to continue pressing down into the surface below, resulting in a complete turn.

There are several ways to slow down a pair of roller skates. For example, you can decrease the size of the wheels, adjust the placement of the screws in the front and back axles, or replace unwanted parts to make your roller skates lighter. Of course, how you go about doing this will depend on what type of skates you have and how well they’re made.

What Is the Best Way to Doing This?

Most modern children’s roller skates can be adjusted in various ways to make the ride smoother and more accessible. However, if your child has trouble turning or stopping, it may be because the wheels and bearings are too large for their size. As a result, changing these parts should improve.

If you have a pair of roller skates that belong to an older child or adult, it’s a little more challenging to make adjustments. In addition, your skates may need a professional repair job for them to work correctly. In these cases, it is best to bring them into the shop and allow the mechanic there to handle them.

Why Is It So Important to Slow Down My Roller Skates??

Powered roller skates are fantastic, but they can be dangerous when misused. If you’re in the market to buy a pair of roller skates or already have a pair in your possession, read on to find out how to make them slower.

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to slow down when skating with robust 200mm wheels that can reach speeds exceeding 20mph! But, on the other hand, it’s fantastic fun cruising around at top speed, and it gives you more excellent maneuverability – but only if you want to go fast!

Why Slow Down My Roller Skates

Many seasoned skaters cannot slow down their roller skates because they’ve never experienced the frustration of trying to stop, which is why it’s so important to learn how to make your roller skates slower. This will ensure that you can always control your skates and get around at speed you feel comfortable with.


It is important to know the right way how to make roller skates slower. These tips will help you enjoy skating without running into anyone else or having your feet hurt too much. We hope this article was helpful and that our tips helped! Stay tuned for more posts on different topics related to roller skates in the upcoming weeks.

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