How to Store Roller Skates

Roller skating is a fun, recreational activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. However, whether you’re just starting or are a seasoned skater, it’s important to know how to properly store your roller skates to last long and serve you well. Here are some tips on how to store roller skates safely and securely.

It’s important to store roller skates properly because they can become damaged and unusable if they are not stored correctly. By following the tips listed above, you can ensure that your roller skates will be in good condition when you’re ready to use them again.

How to Store Roller Skates

A Stepwise Guide on How to Store Roller Skates

Step 1: Get Rolling

Rollerskating is a fun and healthy hobby. It gets you exercising as well as keeps your body balanced and agile. However, be it solo skating or participating in roller derby, how you store the skates matters. Roller skates have to be stored with great care because they are made of high-quality materials which can get damaged if not stored properly.

Next time you’re done with roller skating, follow these easy steps to store your skates right!

Step 2: Keep a Shoebox for Its Storage

This is how it works. First, take a sturdy and durable shoe box and place one skate carefully on its side inside it. Ensure that the wheels are touching the box on all sides and there is no gap in between.

Do this for both your skate wheels. Next, place the second shoebox of equal height over the skates to ensure that they remain tightly packed inside it. If you’re done with one skate, proceed with the other one.

Keep a Shoebox for Roller Skates Storage

Step 3: Keep the Skates Safe and Secure

You can use packaging tape to keep your roller skates safe and secure inside them. Alternatively, you may also use a rubber band or an elastic band to tie the shoebox tightly and ensure that no air gets inside it. This step is important as leaving any space between can render the skates useless. Also, if your packaging tape is not of good quality, it could cut through the sides and damage them.

Step 4: Fold and Keep Inside a Box

Fold one skate so that its toe pad contacts the opposite skate’s heel pad side-by-side. Next, place both of them inside a box with their wheels touching the bottom. Also, make sure that you leave an equal gap between them so that they don’t keep slipping from each other’s grip.

Step 5: Put Them on a Shelf or Under the Bed

Keep your roller skates either on a rack where you can see and reach them easily or under your bed. When placed on a rack, make sure that you cover the skates with a protective layer to avoid dust settling inside them and making them dirty.

Step 6: Store Away From Water and Fire

It is highly recommended that you keep your rollerblades away from water and fire because exposure to both can corrode the metal blade and damage it. Also, avoid keeping your skates in places with excessive humidity because this can cause them to rust quickly.

Step 7: Store Them in Compartments

The compartments in your shoe rack are the perfect place to store roller skates. Keep one skate in each compartment, just like you did for the boxes. This will spice up your footwear storage and help keep the dust away from your skates.

Store Roller Skates in Compartments


It is essential to wipe clean your skates before storing them without any dirt accumulated. You can also use a dry cloth to do the same.

Don’t forget to take care of how you store your roller skates once in a while; they deserve it! Use these steps and keep your skates safe for next time.

Step 8: Now It’s Time to Relax

After you’re done with this, take a break and treat yourself for taking such good care of your roller skates! You deserve it.

You can consider many choices when choosing how to store your roller skates. However, if they are repeatedly mishandled, these materials may diminish over time. It is therefore of utmost importance how you choose to store your roller skates.

Now that you know how to store roller skates make sure you follow these easy steps if you want your blades to stay in an immaculate condition for a longer period of time.

Some Other Ways to Store Your Roller Skate

When it comes to storing roller skates safely, there are two main objectives that must be met: protect the interior materials of the skates and protect them from elements that can cause their degradation or damage both in appearance and functionality. Here is how you should do it in a step by step manner:

Storing Roller Skates Safely

Steps that you should implement in how to store your roller skates in a safe and efficient way:

1. Take Out Laces

It is important to take out the laces from the skates before storing your roller skates. Since these materials are made of high-quality natural or synthetic leather, the laces will either dry them out or make their color fade. Moreover, taking laces off also helps to store roller skates without damaging them by placing the skates at the very bottom of your storage container.

2. Place Protective Materials Inside

Before storing roller skates, place a layer of protective materials. These are usually some type of cloth or paper that can be inserted between skates, so they do not touch each other. Place a sturdy sheet of felt at the bottom before you store roller skates.

3. Place Them in A Storage Container

Use your roller skates to store them carefully by placing them into your storage container with protective materials. It is important to make sure that they do not touch each other, and storing roller skates this way will help them remain dry and clean.

4. Keep Laces for Footwear

When not in use, keep the laces for your roller skates in a safe place. This will help you to be able to put on your roller skates quickly and easily when you need them.

5. Use Dividers and Compartments

Get a container or box with multiple compartments. This will help you to separate your roller skates from other rollerblades and shoes. Use dividers to separate the various parts of your roller skates.

6. Use Shelves

You can also use shelves for storing your roller skates. Choose a safe place in the house where you can keep your roller skates where they are easily accessible. You can also be creative and use the shelves to display them if you have multiple pairs.

Roller Skate Storage

Storing shoes is not always high on the priority list when packing up at the end of a day or an activity. People tend to toss any casual footwear in a box without giving it much thought beyond how they will be able to find their favorite pair in this pile of footwear when they are ready to wear them again.

It is important how you store your roller skates because how they are stored can affect how long they last, how well they perform, and how comfortable they are to wear. The right storage methods will ensure that your skates stay in good shape for as long as possible. Keep reading for more information about how to store roller skates.

Frequently Asked Question

What Is the Best Way to Clean and Dry My Roller Skates?

The best way to clean and dry your roller skates is by wiping them down with a cloth and then air-drying them. You can also use a skate brush to clean the dirt and debris off of your skates. Make sure that your skates are completely dry before you put them away.

Clean and Dry My Roller Skates

Can I Use Any Kind of Oil or Wax on My Roller Skates?

No, you should not use any kind of oil or wax on your roller skates. Oil and wax can damage the bearings and other components of your skates. Only use products that are designed specifically for roller skates.

Which Type of Oil or Wax Should I Use for Cleaning and Drying My Roller Skates?

There are a variety of different oils and waxes that are specifically designed for roller skates. You can find these products at most skate shops or online. If you are not sure which type of oil or wax to use, ask a skate specialist for help.

What Are the Best Ways to Keep Roller Skates From Getting Rusty?

There are a few ways to keep your roller skates from getting rusty. One way is to wipe them down with a cloth after each use. You can also use a skate brush to clean the dirt and debris off of your skates. Make sure that your skates are completely dry before you put them away. Another way to prevent rust is to treat your bearings with a rust-preventative product regularly.


So, there you have it. Everything you need to know about how to store roller skates to last for years and years of skating enjoyment. By following these simple steps, you can keep your skates in great condition and ready to use anytime the mood strikes you. Have fun skating!

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