Kryptonics Skateboard Review: Quality and Performance Uncovered

Are you searching for a new skateboard that won’t break the bank but still offers a great riding experience? You may want to try Kryptonics skateboards. It is a brand that has been around for decades, but are skateboards worth your time and money? In this comprehensive Kryptonics skateboard review, we’ll uncover the truth about a Kryptonics skateboard’s quality, performance, and value for money.

Kryptonics Skateboard Brief Overview

Kryptonics Skateboard brand has been part of the skateboard industry since 1965, initially making a name for itself with its innovative urethane wheels. Over the years, the company expanded its product line to include complete skateboards and accessories. 

Today, Kryptonics skateboards are known for their affordable prices, but how do they compare to other skateboard brands? We will discuss this and other details as we go on in this article.

Position in the Skateboard Industry

Kryptonics Skateboards has maintained a solid position in the skateboard industry. Originally known for producing high-quality urethane wheels, the brand has expanded its product line to include complete skateboards, longboards, cruisers, and various skateboard components such as trucks, bearings, and grip tape. Throughout its history, Kryptonics has been recognized for its innovation and contribution to the skateboarding world.

One of the key factors that have contributed to Kryptonics’ success and longevity is its dedication to producing quality products that cater to a wide range of skateboarders, from beginners to professionals. This commitment to quality has helped the brand build a loyal following among skateboard enthusiasts who appreciate the performance and reliability of Kryptonics products.

In addition, Kryptonics has managed to maintain its position in the industry by adapting to the ever-changing landscape of skateboarding trends and styles. The brand continues to evolve, staying relevant to the needs of skateboarders while also taking advantage of new technologies and materials to improve its products.

kryptonics skateboard review

Comparing Kryptonics Skateboards to Other Brands

How do Kryptonics skateboards stack up against the competition? Let’s compare them to Walmart skateboards, professional-grade skateboards, and other great skateboard brands.

Quality Differences and Value for Money

Kryptonics skateboards offer a balance between affordability and quality. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Affordable Price: Kryptonics boards are generally more affordable than professional-grade skateboards but offer better quality than cheaper Walmart boards.
  • High-Quality Boards vs. Cheaper Boards: Kryptonics skateboards are a step up from entry-level Walmart boards in terms of quality, making them a great option for beginners looking for a reliable first skateboard.
  • First Skateboard Considerations: When choosing a first skateboard, it’s essential to invest in a decent-quality board that will support your learning journey and could withstand wear and tear without costing too much.
  • Product Offerings: Kryptonics offers a diverse range of skateboards, from cruisers to longboards and complete skateboards, designed to cater to various styles and preferences. This puts the brand in a competitive position against other major skateboard brands that also offer a wide array of products. Kryptonics’ continuous efforts to innovate and expand its product lines, such as incorporating new materials and technologies, enable the brand to meet the evolving demands of the skateboarding community.
  • Market Presence: Although Kryptonics may not have the same level of market presence as some of the more established skateboard brands, it has still managed to maintain a loyal following over the years. The brand’s dedication to quality and innovation has garnered respect from the skateboarding community, and Kryptonics continues to be a popular choice for many skateboarders.

Kryptonics Skateboard as a First Board

Kryptonics skateboards are an excellent choice for those purchasing their first board. With entry-level products and features, these boards cater to beginners without sacrificing quality. A good-quality first board can make a significant difference in learning and progression, making Kryptonics a solid choice for new skaters

Kryptonics Skateboard Range

Kryptonics offers a variety of products, including:

  • Kryptonics boards
  • Complete skateboards
  • Skateboard wheels
  • Skateboard parts and accessories

Let’s take a closer look at the construction and materials of these skateboards to understand what sets them apart.

kryptonics skateboard review

Board Construction and Materials

Kryptonics skateboards are crafted using:

  • Maple Wood Decks: Kryptonics uses only the finest maple wood for its skateboard decks. Maple wood is known for its durability, flexibility, and strength, which are part of the industry standards for skateboard decks. It provides the perfect combination of stiffness and flexibility for a comfortable and responsive ride.
  • Aluminum Trucks: Kryptonics uses lightweight aluminum trucks that provide strength and durability. They are designed to offer a good balance between weight and strength, which is perfect for riders of all skill levels. Aluminum trucks are also resistant to corrosion for a longer lifespan.
  • Carbon Steel Bearings: Kryptonics skateboards use carbon steel bearings that are durable and provide a smooth ride. While they may not be the fastest bearings on the market, they are still an excellent choice for beginner and intermediate riders.
  • High-Quality Wheels: Kryptonics is renowned for its high-quality urethane wheels that provide excellent grip and a smooth ride. These wheels are designed to offer the perfect balance of speed and control, making them perfect for riders of all skill levels. Whether you’re cruising around town or performing flip tricks, Kryptonics wheels provide the perfect combination of performance and durability.

Specific Features and Specifications of a Kryptonics Skateboard

Kryptonics’ complete skateboard comes in a variety of styles and designs, catering to different skaters and their preferences. Here are some specific features and specifications commonly found in Kryptonics skateboards:


  • Material: 7-ply or 9-ply maple wood construction for durability and responsiveness
  • Size: Ranging from 22″ to 32″ in length, catering to various riding styles and preferences
  • Shape: Popsicle or cruiser shapes, offering options for street, park, or cruising skaters
  • Concave: Medium concave for good control and foot placement
  • Graphics: Various designs and colors, allowing for personal expression


  • Material: Aluminum construction for lightweight durability
  • Size: Trucks sized appropriately to match the width of the deck, ensuring stability and control
  • Bushings: Polyurethane bushings for smooth turning and responsiveness
  • Baseplate: Strong base plate for secure attachment to the deck


  • Material: Urethane for durability and grip
  • Size: Ranging from 50mm to 65mm in diameter, offering options for street, park, or cruising skaters
  • Durometer: Various hardness options (typically between 78A and 101A) to suit different riding surfaces and preferences
  • Shape: Standard or cruiser wheel shapes, providing choices for various riding styles


  • Material: Carbon steel or stainless steel for durability and smooth rolling
  • ABEC Rating: Varying ABEC ratings (usually ABEC 5 or 7), indicating the precision and speed of the bearings
  • Pre-lubricated: Bearings come pre-lubricated for optimal performance out of the box

Grip Tape

  • Material: High-quality grip tape for traction and control
  • Design: Various colors and patterns, allowing for customization and personal expression


  • Pre-assembled: Kryptonics complete skateboards come pre-assembled, making them ready to ride right out of the box
  • Hardware: High-quality nuts and bolts for secure assembly and long-lasting performance

Additional Features

  • Double Kicktail: Many Kryptonics decks feature a double kicktail, allowing for greater trick versatility and control
  • Wheel Wells: Some models include wheel wells to prevent wheel bite and allow for smoother turning
  • Risers: Some Kryptonics skateboards come with riser pads to increase the distance between the deck and trucks, reducing the risk of wheel bite and improving stability

Keep in mind that specific features and specifications may vary depending on the particular Kryptonics skateboard model. Therefore, ensure you refer to the product descriptions and user reviews for detailed information on the skateboard you’re considering.

kryptonics skateboard review

Kryptonics Skateboard Performance

Kryptonics skateboards are known for their smooth ride, exceptional quality, and versatility. They’re suitable for flip tricks, grinding, and cruising.

Riding on Rougher Surfaces

These skateboards perform well on various surfaces, including rougher terrains. Here’s why:

  • Board Stability: The sturdy construction of Kryptonics boards ensures stability and control, even on uneven ground.
  • Wheel Hardness and Grip: Kryptonics offers a range of wheel durometers, allowing you to choose the perfect balance between grip and slide for your preferred riding surface.
  • Rounded Edges: The rounded edges of Kryptonics boards help prevent wheel bite and make navigating rough terrain easier.

Kryptonics Skateboard: Pros and Cons

To help you make an informed decision, here’s a list of pros and cons to consider when deciding whether a Kryptonics skateboard is right for you:


  • Affordable price
  • High-quality construction and materials
  • Smooth ride and good performance on various surfaces
  • Suitable for beginners and intermediate skaters
  • Wide range of wheel options for different riding styles


  • Not as high-end as professional-grade skateboards
  • May require upgrading or customization for advanced skaters

Customizing and Upgrading Your Kryptonics Skateboard

As your skills improve, you may wish to customize or upgrade your Kryptonics skateboard. Here’s what you can do:

  • Replacement Parts: Consider upgrading trucks, wheels, and bearings for improved performance or to better suit your riding style.
  • Grip Tape Options: Personalize your board with different grip tape designs or colors to make it uniquely yours.

Finding Replacement Parts and Accessories

When it’s time to replace or upgrade parts, you have several options:

  • Local Skate Shop: Support your local skate shop and find the parts you need in person.
  • Online Retailers: Many online retailers offer a wide range of skateboard parts and accessories.
  • Kryptonics Website: Visit the Kryptonics website to explore their selection of parts and accessories.
kryptonics skateboard review

What Skateboarders Are Saying: Reviews and Testimonials

To get a comprehensive understanding of Kryptonics skateboards, it’s essential to consider reviews and testimonials from fellow skateboarders:

  • Positive Reviews and Experiences: Many skaters report positive experiences with Kryptonics skateboards, praising their quality, performance, and affordability.
  • Negative Reviews and Poor Quality Concerns: Some users have expressed concerns about the durability of certain components, but these issues seem to be isolated and not indicative of the overall quality.
  • Personal Experiences: Always consider how your personal experiences with other skateboards might affect your perspective on Kryptonics boards.

Professional Opinions and Endorsements

It’s also worth considering the opinions of skateboard industry professionals and popular skateboarders:

  • Skateboard Industry Professionals: Many experts in the industry recognize Kryptonics as a reliable brand that offers good-quality products at affordable prices.
  • Popular Skateboarders: Some well-known skaters have endorsed or used Kryptonics skateboards throughout their careers, further validating the brand’s reputation.
  • Review Sites and Blog Posts: Check out reviews from reputable sources to gain a well-rounded understanding of Kryptonics skateboards.

Final Verdict: Is a Kryptonics Skateboard Worth It?

When weighing quality, performance, and value for money, a Kryptonics board is a solid choice for beginners and intermediate skaters. With affordable prices and reliable construction, these boards offer a great entry point into the world of skateboarding.

Alternative Recommendations

If you’re still unsure about Kryptonics, consider these other options:

  • Other Skateboard Brands to Consider: Explore brands such as Element, Plan B, and Santa Cruz for alternative options.
  • Factors to Consider When Choosing a Skateboard: Think about your riding style, skill level, and personal preferences when selecting a board.
  • Importance of Personal Preferences and Riding Style: Remember that your own experiences and preferences are crucial in determining the best skateboard for you. Don’t be afraid to try different brands and configurations to find the perfect fit.


In conclusion, Kryptonics skateboards offer an excellent balance between affordability, quality, and performance, making them a great choice for beginners and intermediate skaters. While they may not be the top choice for professional-grade skateboards, their reputation and positive reviews make them worth considering.

We hope this comprehensive review has provided you with the information you need to make an informed decision about whether a Kryptonics skateboard is right for you. Now it’s time to hit the pavement and start shredding.